Android Global

Android has 3.5BN active users, 12M developers and powers the Google ecosystem, but the brand itself was static, disconnected, corporate, increasingly invisible and losing share with GenZ. 

We needed to go back to Android’s foundational values of freedom and inclusivity to reassert its future. Today we know people seek even greater autonomy and choice, especially younger generations as they build their own, connected ecosystems. We evolved the Android brand system to be more open and adaptive— moving with them across their connected world. The opposite of walled gardens, and rigid ecosystems.

ECD: Augustus Cook
Design Director: Paulo Assuncao
ACD: Hugo Ferradas
Designers: Junsun Ko, Paz Roberts, Kinzie Burke
Motion Design: Alice Aguiar, Gustavo Tadini, Antonio Souza
3D Design and Animation: Flavio Montiel, Felipe Mahalem
3D Design: Vinicius Lavor