Designer and Art Director
Currently @ R/GA NY


Across both iterations of the XFL, a bold spirit of innovation has been a common thread; however, it’s never had the chance to fully play out. In 2020, the league was acquired by Dany Garcia, Dwayne Johnson, and Gerry Cardinale of Redbird Capital with the vision to change the way people experience football. We designed an identity that matches the pace the XFL’s purpose sets. As the intersection of opportunity, the XFL is a league where all people, perspectives, and ideas can come together to push football forward. Our identity is modern, active, and inviting. Designed to ask questions, converge new experiences, and envision new futures—for the XFL and the world around it.

ECD: Augustus Cook
Design: Paulo Assuncao, Bruno DaSilva, Elaine Li
Verbal Design: Brittany Messenger, Dillon Dilatlo

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