Designer and Art Director
Currently @ R/GA NY


The financial world is full of possibilities, but navigating these opportunities can feel disjointed—until now. Fierce is a new super app that brings every piece of your financial picture together so that taking action is easier than ever. 

While the financial landscape is full of function-driven apps, Fierce is as seamless as it is thoughtful. Working across R/GA product and brand design teams, we built Fierce from the ground up, creating an emotion-driven brand that helps users make more confident—and empowered—money moves.

On Fierce, all the pieces of your financial life come together—from cypto
and checking to personal goals and priorities. Our brand system is designed around the power of these united pieces.


Creative Director: Ryan Atkinson
Design: Paulo Assuncao, Guadalupe Gonzalez, Junsun Ko
Verbal Design: Tatiana Gallardo

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